Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre

Product Code : HRS-1014

Price : 210

Product Specifications :

This French Hussar saber is similar to other Hussar and cavalry sabers of the period who share a common ancestor in the Polish-Hungarian ‘’Szabla’’. After centuries of mounted warfare, the Szabla became the Hussar saber, ideally evolved for light cavalry combat. Its characteristic curve allowed for deathly sweeping slashes from on high. Its design highly influenced the British 1796 Light Cavalry Saber - a design destined to spread throughout the continent and to the United States.
This Hussar saber reproduction is crafted with an unsharpened blade of tempered high carbon steel. The blade boldly bears the markings of Klingenthal, the state-run sword manufacturer of France. The blade is also stamped with two period inspection markings on the base of the blade. The hilt is made of brass and the grip is ribbed, thick black leather is inlaid with brass wire, The scabbard itself has reinforced suspension rings for increased strength. Historically the wood interior also aided in keeping the sabre sharp by avoiding metal to metal contact while drawing and sheathing it also protect the cross-guard from the brass scabbard throat. Finally the blade itself is made of high carbon steel and has good balance to it.