1831 British General Officer's Sword

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At first glance this sword may appear to be a Mameluke saber, but a closer look at the blade bears the etched markings of the crown of the British Empire.
This sword is a 1831 pattern British General Officer's Sword. When Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington became Commander in Chief in 1827, he would be seen carrying a Mameluke sword gifted to him by an Indian Potentate However its hilt is a complete copy of a Marshal's Mameluke style sword complete with crossed sword and Marshal's baton. Only after close examination of the etching on its 33 inch high carbon steel blade can you tell it is British. As with many of Napoleon's high ranking officers, the British Army's sword fashion was quite influence by its service in the Egyptian Campaign and there are numerous depictions and examples of unofficial models of the Mameluke sabre in the British service during the Napoleonic Wars. This is an absolutely beautifully constructed sword complete with elegantly executed brass scabbard with reinforced sling rings.